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Lyrics for U Got It Bad by Usher,no,no,no,no,no...when u feel it in jour body
u found somebody who
makes u changes your ways like
hanging with jour crew
said u act like u ready but u don`t really know
and everithing in jour past u wnna let it go
i been there donre humped around
after all that this is what i found
nobody whants to be alone
if you`re touched by the words in this song
then maybe
u got it bad
when you`re on the phone
hang up and you call right back
u got it ugot it bad
if u miss a day whitout you're friends your whole life`s on track
u know u got it bad when you stuck in the house
u don`t wanna have funn cause all you think about is
u got it bad when you`re out whit someone
but jou keep on thinkin`bout someone else
u got it bad

when you say that you love him
and you really now everything that use to matter
no matter no more
like my money my cars
u can have it all and
flowers,cards and candy
i do it just cause i`m
said i`m fortunate to have jou girl
i want you to now i really adore jou
all my people that know whats going on
look at jour mate help me sing my song
tell here i`m your man
jour my girl
i`m gonna tell it to the whole wide world
ladies say i`m your girl
you`re my man
promise to love you the best i can
see i`ve been there humped around
after all that this is what i found
every one of ya'll are just like me
it`s to bad that jou can see
that jou got it bad
(chorus 2x)

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